Powering Your Adventures


What do we offer?

Overland Power Solutions is a veteran owned company that provides custom 12v auxiliary power solutions that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your vehicle based adventures. Whether you are looking to run a fridge full time in your vehicle, light up your camp, charge your camera and film equipment, or all of the above, we can custom tailor a solution for you that will make sure you never run out power.




What Makes Us Different?

We know that every Overlander/Adventurer is unique and that the needs of their vehicle and adventures are too. Because of that, we work one on one with our customers to find out what they need, design a solution that will power their adventure. The only thing you should have to focus on should be getting out there, not what powers it.

By utilizing the latest technology from companies like Redarc Electronics and CTEK, we provide proper battery management by utilizing DC to DC chargers which make sure your auxiliary batteries are always charged to 100%.

We have a solution for you!